This LIONS CELFON Directory is refered by more than 50,000 Lions in MD 324AB through their smart phones. It is electronic version of Print Edition of all 12 Lions District Directories. It is always carried and refered frequently many times a day.

So LIONS CELFON, is also a good advertising Media and Fund Raising Media like Print Directories. Considering the technological Advantages of CELFON, the Advertisements can also have audio and video effects.

The advertisements also can be searched productwise, track the user responses etc.

We can have following types of Advertisements in LIONS CELFON

To know more about this unique fund raising opportunity and raise 10 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs for your Lions District, Contact

Lion Dr Er J.Shivakumaar
Chief Editor-
Lions CELFON Directory
98436 57564